About Us

High 5 Meets is a full service gymnastics meet production company that will handle every aspect of running your event from registration all the way through to the final awards ceremony. Rick Nelson, Kathy Nelson, Wendy Nelson, Linda McDonald, and Jack Nettesheim formed High 5 in 2011 and have run hundreds of competitions with more than 75,000 registrations. Our goal was to put together a team of professionals to help clubs who may not have the support staff, or time required to run an offsite meet. If you are looking to host such an event you have come to the right place.

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in Region 4, High 5 is housed in an 8,000 sq ft warehouse where we own everything needed to run a successful meet down to every detail including; scoring systems with 65” truss mounted TVs, pipe and drape, sound systems and awards stands. From vacuum cleaners to stop watches and table cloths to decorations, we have it all. We have relationships with several equipment supplies companies including NSGEL, United Athletic and Midwest Gym Supply. We also have an exclusive relationship with Gym Treasures for onsite apparel and merchandise sales and with Meetmaker for ease with online payments.

We will bring a three person crew for every “gym” at your event which will include a meet director, Pro Score professional, and a floor manager who will all be there from start to finish. If your club does not have a booster club or parent group we will work with you on finding a local sports group to use as set up and tear down crews as well as meet workers throughout the weekend. If needed we will bring our own staff to fill many of those positions.

It starts with a face to face meeting to be sure that we understand your goals and vision and that we are able to meet them. Discussing such things as your support team, parent group, venue options, possible dates, financial goals and even the theme of the meet. Once we are all in agreement and both parties feel that the partnership is a good fit, we will begin marketing the meet through social media, email blasts, and through our website. High 5 will handle all contracts with the venue and hotels, the registration process and all finances from registration to refunds, paying any and all invoices. After the event we will provide a full P & L and issue payment based on the agreed upon split.

Whether you are looking to grow your event and move it offsite, looking to start a brand new meet or considering bidding on a championship meet, we are here to help. Put the success of your meet in our hands and contact us today!

For information on hosting a gymnastics competition with High 5 Meets, contact [email protected]